About the English Proficiency Test for Pilots

Entry Point Central English test for pilots has been developed to measure pilots’ English language proficiency according to the ICAO language proficiency requirements. The examination complies with the 1178/2011 EU Regulation as well as Annex I Part-FCL requirements. The test is recognised in EU countries.

Entry Point Central performs the English language test for pilots, accredited by the Hungarian National Transport Authority, not only in Hungary, but outside Hungary too.

How to register

We recommend that the applicant follow this process to book a date and time:
- Go to the website tep.entrypointnorth.com.
- Select an available date and time for the test, then put it in the basket, and place your order. Please make sure to select the first available time on the date you have chosen.
- Fill in the Application Form which is sent to us automatically.
Individual applicants who intend to take the test in Hungary, can take it at the central office of Entry Point Central at Igló utca 33-35, Budapest. Examination day for individual test-takers: Wednesday 13.00 – 16.00.

The examination fee includes:
- The test on an appointed day
- One copy of the certificate laminated
- Posting the certificate if requested to the address indicated in the Application Form

Contact information

Zsuzsanna Neltzné Herczog

Phone: +36 1293- 4368, +36 1293-4369 or +36 1293-4469

email: Zsuzsanna.NeltzneHerczog@entrypointcentral.com