Computer-Based Training Development

Computer-Based Training Development
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Computer-Based Training Development

Development services of various computer-based training courses are offered by Entry Point North. The courses feature the latest e-learning tools and can be accessed from any location by participants. The content of the course can be customised according to client needs.

Training content

The content of the course can be provided by Entry Point North or created according to client needs (i.e. the client can provide Entry Point North with training material which forms the base for the course). Computer-based training courses are particularly suitable for compliance training when new regulations are being implemented, when new procedures are introduced or for proficiency tests.

The course usually ends with a quiz or test, where the client decides the minimum score needed for the participant to pass the course.


Students can use their own computers or tablets to access the course. The courses are internet-based and compatible with Mac and PC computers and Android, iPad and Windows tablets.

The client provides Entry Point North with a list of names and email addresses of participants. An email with personalised username and password is then delivered to these email addresses to enable secure access to the course.

Results tracking

Course completion is confirmed by a report that can be easily accessed by a relevant party within the organisation, e.g. Training Managers or HR. The report does not only show the test score, but also a record of all participants' activity, including time spent on each page of the training material.

At the end of the course, participants are awarded a diploma in pdf format.

Types of courses

  • Yearly compliance testing
  • Question-bank
  • Preparation courses for upcoming regulatory changes
  • Introduction to new working procedures and processes
  • Video courses
  • Refresher courses etc.
An example of computer-based training course offered by Entry Point North is the yearly compliance testing of 400 controllers across 3 ACC units in one country. The participants are provided with an access to 200 questions in a question-bank. These questions are used as practice questions. The compliance test itself consists of 30 questions - one half of which are drawn from the question-bank.

Service benefits

FLEXIBILITY. The system is suitable for both large and small companies.
COST-EFFICIENCY. No investment in buying or creating a tracking system is needed - Entry Point North provides a complex solution.
ACCURACY. Computer-based testing eliminates the errors associated with paper-based testing and manual test marking.
TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS. The content of the course can be provided by the client or created by Entry Point North.
MOBILITY. Computer-based training can be delivered anywhere.
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