27 August, 2010(1 day)
at Entry Point North

Just Culture & ATC Training – a Challenge: views from Human Factor expert Sidney Dekker & research from Maria Lundahl, LFV Group

Entry Point North sponsored a Human Factors Seminar for ANSPs, CAA’s and airlines within the Aviation Industry in Copenhagen, Denmark in August for over 40 participants from five countries as representatives of ANSP’s, CAA’s, or airlines. Many participants expressed how they valued the seminar not only as a practical forum for presentations regarding developing a just culture in their organisations but also for active dialogue regarding practical concerns among diverse participants in group discussions.

Something for everyone – Sidney Dekker – a Just Culture ‘guru’, professor at Lund University in Sweden, and pilot all in one – gave an eye opening presentation on the practical need to foster a just culture. Participants appreciated the additional focus on developing a just culture in training from the second speaker Maria Lundahl, a Human Factor & Just Culture specialist within LFV in Sweden. The day ended with group discussions which often came back to discussions regarding how “old school” training versus a “new school” training where a supportive training environment is developed based on a just culture principles.

Presentation files from Just Culture and ATC Training
Designing a Just Training CultureJust Culture and ATC Training