7-8 September, 2016(2 days)
at Manchester Airport

In 2010 Entry Point North held a seminar for Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) units and organisations interested in the FIS service.From this initial gathering, the event has grown to become the very successful annual FISO seminar with FIS delegates from all corners of the world attending. In 2015, the International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA) was formed at a meeting preceding the 6th Seminar in Malmö.

With the success of IFISA, and Entry Point North becoming increasingly busy developing and delivering new training courses and services globally, it was jointly decided to transfer the running of future seminars to IFISA.The 7th Annual FISO seminar will be held in conjunction with the 2nd annual IFISA meeting. But the event will not be in Sweden! The 2016 venue will be – The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manchester Airport, United Kingdom.

IFISA strives to match the high standards set for the event historically by Entry Point North, and hope you will all continue to support the seminar in the future.  There will be a few changes, but the core event will remain similar to the previous events.

As announced at the 6th Seminar in Malmö, the event will be held on the 7th & 8th September 2016. Full details of the event will be announced early in 2016, but will include discussions on standardisation of phraseology and will include an update on various FIS related issues from EASA.

For those delegates arriving early, on the afternoon of the 6th September, there will be an afternoon visit to Manchester City Airport (Barton), which will allow a visit for the first time at a seminar to an AFIS unit.  Staying at Barton, there will then follow an informal BBQ in the early evening, before return transport to the hotel/conference facility.

To register interest for the seminar, please fill in the registration form of the IFISA website www.ifisa.info  (Please note that registration is not complete until full payment has been received.) IFISA looks forward to welcoming you to Manchester in September 2016!

And for those that like to plan ahead… The 8th International FISO seminar will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 5-7th September 2017.