7 June, 2012(1 day)
at Comfort Hotel, Malmö

On the 7th of June Entry Point North hosted a seminar “Changing training habits in a dynamic environment”. More than 60 participants were representing 19 different countries throughout the world. During the exciting and interactive day the following questions were addressed:

  • What are the challenges of ATM training today?
  • Training objectives are being harmonized, but new generations are becoming individualised. How should organizations cope with different generations?
  • How can investments in training be secured and deployed effectively?
  • How to adjust the training and working culture in an environment of different generations?

During the morning session the participants were actively involved in trainer-trainee role plays conducted by «Tack International». The participants expressed valuable proffesional insights and recommendations to the observed situations that reflect challenges of having different generations in the ATM training environment.

During the second part of the day the participants received latest updates on current and future training challenges and training harmonisation throughout Europe from Alexander Skoniezki, Head of the Institute of Air Navigation Services and Training Division in Eurocontrol. Entry Point North has introduced the seminar participants to its modern training philosophy and presented real cases of Entry Point Central establishment and successful tailor-made simulation training.

Thanks to all the participants!