29-30 November, 2011(2 days)
at Entry Point North

On the 29-30th of November Entry Point North hosted the 2nd AFIS Seminar for 51 participants from 13th different European countries.

The unique seminar brought together AFIS and national CAA officers and managers from different countries for active sharing of the latest news, updates and best practices, generating professional discussions and new ideas.

The topics of the seminar included:

– The similarities and differences of AFIS operations throughout the world

– Pilot perspective on AFIS operations
– AFIS Procedures and Phraseology
– SMS in AFIS operations
– Experiences from «AFIS with radar» implementation project in Norway
– Development of AFIS related equipment
– Remote tower: technical development. News from implementation project AFIS Værøy

The event took place at Entry Point North ATM Training Academy at Malmoe-Sturup airport.