Our Employees as a Key Quality Factor

Monitoring and maintaining the highest training quality is of high importance within Entry Point North. This is underlined by our certification according to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015, which is part of continuous work toward our mission: to provide competitive ATS training and services to meet the needs of the customer within the global market.

Motivated and highly qualified employees are essential for Entry Point North in attaining this mission. For the period you are assigned to work at Entry Point North you are an element of our academy and within that you are an important part of our Quality Management System. Therefore we kindly ask you to read this page about Entry Point North’s Quality Policy and the way in which you can contribute to our Quality System.

Our Quality Policy and Objectives

The purpose of the Entry Point North Quality Policy is to:
  • promote enhancement
  • communicate good practice
  • provide evidence of quality to our stakeholders
  • assure the quality of learning opportunities
  • assure the standards of all our training programs and services
This policy relates to all employees, students, and external temporary staff in training, wherever they are located. Entry Point North has implemented a Quality Policy that the CEO has defined and committed to, which revolved about four key points: meeting stakeholder requirements, sustainable processes procedures and policies, our training philosophy, and evaluation.

Meeting Stakeholder Requirements

Our training services shall, as a minimum, satisfy the relevant regulatory requirements of the competent aviation authority and the legislation from the European Union (EU). The explicit and implicit expectations of the agreed quality level between Entry Point North and our clients shall also be met while still meeting the financial goals. This will be achieved by safeguarding and utilising the skills, knowledge and commitment of our staff.

Sustainable Processes, Procedures and Policies

Our processes, procedures and policies are directed towards achieving, maintaining, monitoring and promoting full-scale ATS training solutions and services. All activities must ensure that standards are specified and can be achieved repeatedly in order to create consistency in our products and services delivered on the global market.

Our Training Philosophy

Our modern and sustainable training philosophy is a cornerstone of our academy, which enables us to provide quality training for ATS personnel. Entry Point North trains for SUCCESS:

Student in focus
Understanding of individual needs
Consideration and mutual respect
Coaching students to reach full potential
Engaged and motivated staff
Support and dedication
Shared responsibility towards learning


Self-evaluation is regarded by Entry Point North as the foundation of continuous quality improvement. The assessment of evaluation is ongoing and Entry Point North takes feedback from customers, students and instructors into account. The efficiency of our Quality Management System is reviewed at least twice a year and is continuously a subject for enhancement.

How can you contribute to our Quality System?

Our Quality Policy is tightly connected to our training philosophy, company vision and mission as well as our company values. We as a premier ATS training academy, however, can only make meaningful and sustainable quality improvements if our employees at all levels feel a shared responsibility to make processes and outcomes better every day.

In order to continuously maintain and improve our quality performance every employee shall:
  • Follow the routines, processes and working procedures that apply at Entry Point North. In case of questions your first point of call is always the course management team (CMT) or your appointed contact person.
  • Make yourself familiar with Entry Point North's training principles and philosophy. You will be provided with appropriate documentation by the CMT according to your task.
  • Consult the CMT or your appointed contact person referring specific quality related topics whenever needed. They will get in contact with the Entry Point North Quality Department.
  • Report any deviation or non-conformities to the established procedures and regulations to the CMT or your appointed contact person. They will report the non-conformances according to Entry Point North’s non-conformance process.
A non-conformity is a deviation, by a person or department, from a procedure, policy or a process within the Entry Point North Quality Management System (QMS). A non-conformity can result from a lack of procedures or processes within the scope of the QMS that could cause a poor quality of services. Furthermore, a non-conformity might be constituted by a poor quality result of services delivered or if there is a foreseen risk of reaching a certain quality requirement of service delivery. Non-conformance that must be followed up:
  • Deviation from any process or procedure related to the QMS e.g. Training & Operation Procedures Manual (TOPPEN)
  • Unintentional disclosure of personal data or reports, or any suspicion of such disclosure
  • Deviation from a syllabus, ITP or course plan
  • Training records or student information are not processed or stored correctly
  • Delivery of a course without valid syllabus or training material

Privacy Notice

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